Twinface Sheepskin rug

Twinface Sheepskin rug

Twinface Sheepskin rug

Price: 1,500.00 SEK

Our luxury Twinface Sheepskin rug is perfect for interior decoration or just as a cool sheepskin rug in front of the fireplace. The Twin face Sheepskin rug gives a very personal flair to any home.

Drape the Twin Face Sheepskin over your favorite chair or foot stool. Show the woolly side up for a cozy warm look. For a sophisticated look show the beautiful colored skinside up, choose between, discrete luxury coffe, soft elegant sand relaxed cozy Walnut or posh black. Match your personal interior style by adding several Sheepskin in mixed colors that echo nature.

Twin Face Shepskin are not to be compared with other skins on the market. The Twin face sheepskin is very high quality sheepskin treated on both sides hence the name Twin Face.

The size of the Twin Face Sheepskin differs from skin to skin. Each skin has its own charm.

Available in the following colours:

Black Brown Walnut Sand

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